truckbay - Testing & maintenance pit for trucks

The truckbay is a completely prefabricated pit for the repair and inspection of heavy duty vehicles up to 60 t. With a standing height of up to 1.60 m the truckbay makes modern and ergonomic work possible. The truckbay complies with the regulations for the prevention of industrial accidents according to the German law UVV (Unfallverhütungsvorschriften) and with the federal water act, WHG (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz) §19 sections i, l and g.


The truckbay consists of leak proof steel cassettes, which thanks to the self-supporting structure make complex formwork or armouring during the installation unnecessary. Our truckbay is available in different versions and lengths up to 32 m. The regular standing heights are available from 1.40 t 1.60 m. With the truckbay, two variants of truck loads are distinguished in accordance with DIN 1072: SLW30 for 30 t and SLW60 for 60 t.

You are able to drive over the closed cover with the specific traffic load (30 or 60 t). The truckbay is available with or without an automatic roll cover, the truckbay cover, which is optional available as one piece or divided in two pieces.

The truckbay cover increases the safety factor in your workshop – it is easy to handle thanks to its buttonoperated electric motor. Our cover offers you several advantages:

  • Complete use of the workshop / hall surface with closed pit
  • Integration into the shunting surface, since over-driving is possible according to the heavy load class
  • Easy and safe handling due to dead man´s switch and safety contact strip

The high integration degree of all the components and the variety of the different options are just some advantages of the truckbay, that provide the optimal and individual solution for you.


LEER   truckbay_D (425 KB)
LEER   truckbay_GB (418 KB)