The perfect solution for transportation of motorcycle combinations and small goods.

The lifting system is based on a 2-column construction. A closed platform is guided along these columns.

  • Transportation of small goods in a further level or in further levels
  • The platform is available with a lift cage (railings and gate) as well as without lift cage for installation in a shaft.
  • In each of the 2 columns is an angled hydraulic cylinder installed. The cylinders are diverted by chains in the top area of the columns. Both lifting columns are interconnected mechanically and ensure the synchronization of the MINI LIFT 2500.
  • At the lower level the columns consist of base plates which are doweled directly to the ground.
  • The lifting system is operated by a key-switch with emergency stop in dead man´s control from the lower level. If the MINI LIFT 2500 is installed in a shaft, the lifting system can be operated at both levels.

The platform

  • is covered with an aluminium bulb plate as surface. An integrated ramp in the front area of the platform enables a comfortable drive in and drive out of the goods. The MINI LIFT 2500 is installed above ground, if requested the system is also available for in-ground installation.

Protection against corrosion:

The steel parts are band galvanized and powdercoated in addition, colour in RAL 7016 (anthracite-grey) or RAL 5001 (blue). Other RAL colours or special treatments for higher corrosion protection are available on request.

Technical Data


Performances by the Buyer
Lifting height (mm) 2500 - 5000 Main connection 3PH, N+PE, 400 Volt, 50 Hz, fuse 16 amp slow
Lifting capacity (kg) 500 - 2500 Installation surface plane surface, concrete quality of minimum C20/25
Platform width (mm) 1500 - 3000 minimum C20/25
Platform depth (mm) 1500 - 3000 Ceiling opening As per specification
Control cabinet (HxWxD)
600 x 300 x 155
Electrical equalization If not included in the scope of delivery. (check in each individual case)
Control cabinet (HxWxD)
640 x 450 x 280
Railing and gates If not included in the scope of delivery. (check in each individual case)