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Lifting safely - Episode 3 - Volkswagen Amarok

How do I lift a Volkswagen Amarok safely with a 2-column lift?

Disclaimer: The guidelines provided by NUSSBAUM GROUP in this video are for educational purposes only.
The OTTO NUSSBAUM GmbH & Co KG is not to be held liable for any incidents that may occur when following the instructions given in this video. Always follow the equipment specification made available by the vehicle manufacturer. The usual safety measures must be observed at any time during lifting and lowering.

Special features of the vehicle: As a Pick-Up, the Volkswagen Amarok is equipped with a footboard and a sill which make the pick-up points less accessible. Special height adapters are required.
Our recommendation: Volkswagen recommends the use of wheel forks to lift the Amarok. The vehicle can be lifted without wheel forks by taking special precautions and using height adapters.

1. First position the height adapters on the pick-up pads. Secure the adapters with the security pins. You can either use 4 round height adapters or 2 round adapters on the front arms and 2 U-shaped adapters on the back arms.
2. For optimal door opening and ideal weight distribution, always drive in the car dead center between the columns.
3. Position the carrying arms. Roll up the pick-up pads as close as possible to the pick-up points.
4. Tie down the long carrying arms in the back. After attaching the arms to the vehicle, verify that the pick-up pads have not moved and are touching the bottom of the vehicle.
5. Lift the vehicle up, stop once. Now check the gearing and that all arms kept their correct position under the car. Adjust if necessary.
6. Lift the vehicle to the desired height.

In this video: POWER LIFT HL 2.30 NT (Lifting capacity: 3000kg/6500 lbs)
Accessories: Adjustable height adapters ROUND (232SEL48593), Adjustable height adapters U-Shaped (232SL08850), 2 Lashing straps (1684736019A).

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Online on: November 29, 2016

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