Unique hydraulic tuning: HyperFlow®

HyperFlow® Advantages

NUSSBAUMs new hydraulic technology makes hydraulic lifts less prone to failure, eliminates wear on parts, reduces the need for routine maintenance and makes your repair shop more efficient.


What is HyperFlow®?

HyperFlow® controls the synchronization of the hydraulic cylinders on your lift automatically. During each full lifting process the pressure of hydraulic oil in the cylinders is regulated . This eliminates the normally indispensable refilling of hydraulic oil and perfect synchronization (uniform and synchronous lifting of all the cylinders) is guaranteed for a long time.

What are the advantages of HyperFlow®?

HyperFlow® brings you even more safety: You are always certain that the  cylinders of your lift are  100% synchronized and the vehicle on the lift is perfectly level . Small balancing issues during the lifting process, which could occur with conventional hydraulic lifts over time and caused by irregular maintenance, are no longer an issue with HyperFlow®.
HyperFlow® increases your productivity: Refilling of hydraulic oil on a regular basis and the verification of the synchronous operation of your lift are no longer needed with HyperFlow®. The cylinders synchronize themselves, the pressure compensation of the hydraulic oil takes place in the background and downtime due to maintenance is a thing of the past.

HyperFlow® means less wear


Thanks to HyperFlow® there is no more need for synchronization cables that would normally guarantee the perfect synchronization of the lifts cylinders. Your lift comes with fewer moving parts, which on one hand minimizes the use of  high-maintenance wearing parts , on the other hand it makes the lift more flexible in  height and width. A hydraulic lift with HyperFlow® is more flexible and lasts longer.

The development of HyperFlow®

Developed by NUSSBAUM's engineers, HyperFlow® was presented at Automechanika 2014 (in Frankfurt, Germany) to the public and the press and was patented by NUSSBAUM in October 2014. HyperFlow® is an exclusive innovation by NUSSBAUM and the result of a long developmental process. Only with the hydraulic know-how and many years of experience in developing and manufacturing hydraulic mechanics, was it possible to make the concept HyperFlow® ready for the demanding automotive market. We at NUSSBAUM strive every day to make your workday in the repair shop easier and more productive. With HyperFlow® we wanted to get a little closer to the ideal automotive lift making a lift that lifts and lowers a great variety of vehicle types and brands quickly and safely, adapts to a variety of workshop configurations  and provides great ease of use in day-to-day operations, but also needing to be serviced as infrequently as possible. We think HyperFlow® has brought us one big step further in our search for the perfect lift. For this reason HyperFlow® will, in the near future be standard equipment in all our hydraulic lifts.

See our complete product range of hydraulic lifts POWER LIFT HL NT lwith HyperFlow®: nussbaum-group/power-lift-hl


HyperFlow®: An overview

Optimum, permanent, sychronisation of the lift at any time

  • The synchronization is automatically set / adjusted at all times during operation
  • Any manual operation to ensure synchronisation as well as ropes are no longer required

Automatic "bleeding" of the hydraulic system during operation

  • Done when approaching the maximum raised position
  • Time consuming procedures for „bleeding“ the hydraulic system are no longer required

The two-post lift does not have to be installed "to the centimeter"

  • Installation always adaptable to local conditions
  •  The columns can be individually positioned within 200 mm (based on the recommended installation width)
  • Location of tile joints, floor heating etc. are no obstacle when installing the lift in the workshop

Two-post lifts with HyperFlow® technology can be installed by one technician alone

  • The upper cross-beam is pre-mounted on one column and can be installed by a single person on the other side (on NT versions)

Umweltschonende Produktion - NUSSBAUM GROUP Environmentally friendly because fewer resources are needed in production (steel, hydraulic hoses, cables, pulleys, etc.)

Patented  - European patent EP 2 428 482 B1