POWER LIFT HL with HyperFlow Technology - The new hydraulic two post lifts for passenger cars and transporters


Asymmetric lifting arms
HL 2.30 NT HL 2.35 NT HL 2.40 NT
HF 3000 (HL 2.30 K)
Symmetric lifting arms
HL 2.50 NT


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  NUSSBAUM-Hebetechnik-Katalog-DEUTSCH.pdf (2.64 MB)

POWER LIFT HL - Short & Brief

 NUSSBAUM Doppelzylinder mit HyperFlow®

Powerful and smooth lifting through an ergonomic control panel

No static connection between columns

Fast lifting and lowering times

Almost wear-free

Optimum synchronization and automatic "bleeding" of the hydraulic system during operation through patented HyperFlow Technology

Silent oil-submerged motor (for NT versions)

Easy and fast installation

Variable set up width (for NT versions)



Function & Safety

HL 2.30 NT, HL 2.35 NT
HL 2.40 NT, HL 2.50 NT
NT Technology