COMBI LIFT – Innovative 4-post lifts

The hydraulic 4-post-lifts, the COMBI LIFT series, have slim design for a representative appearance.

COMBI LIFT - clear and cut

  • Hydraulic 4-post-lifts
  • Flat construction
  • Models have optional runway width of 600 mm, ideal for double-tire vehicles
  • User friendly, lockable control unit

Lifting variations

  • flat runways
  • runways with wheel-free lift
  • runways with wheel alignment set
  • runways with wheel-free lift and wheel alignment set

Function & Safety

  • Powerful, low-noise oil-submerged motor
  • Fine adjustable safety ratchet with automatic locking system through precise wheel alignment 

Technical data >>>

Corrosion prevention >>>

  • Powder coated
  • Fire galvanization
  • INOX Design
  • OXYGEN care

Accessories for lifting vehicles with special requirements...

  • Aluminium crossbar for lifting offroad and commercial vehicles without sillboard
  • Longer drive-on ramps for low clearance´vehicles
  • Drive-on ramps
  • Lighting with 4 fluorescent lamps integrated along the runway
  • In MB version with measuring-station-controll system and integrated wheel alignment cable
  • Joint play detector
  • Axle jack
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