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The hydraulic revolution explained

HyperFlow® is a new, revolutionary hydraulic concept developed and patented by NUSSBAUM.
How does it work? And what are the benefits for a workshop?


Plain and simple

HyperFlow® is a clever principle: When lifting to the top end position, the piston seal passes the so called “overflow holes” enabling the oil to flow through the “overflow channels” to the upper part of the cylinder. The oil can flow through the hydraulic circuit back to the tank enabling any entrapped air to be removed from the cylinder. This process equalizes the volume of oil in both cylinders of the hydraulic circuit making the lift perfectly synchronized. A NUSSBAUM Engineer at workThe challenge with this apparently simple principle lies in the manufacturing process. The overflow channels and holes have to be manufactured with extreme precision to ensure a safe and smooth operation. Years of research and development have been necessary to develop this new generation of lifts. NUSSBAUM is currently the only manufacturer able to produce this type of lift in series, equipped with such a technology.

What difference does it make in the workshop?

Thanks to the HyperFlow® technology, the purge of the hydraulic circuit is automatically performed when reaching the top end position, thereby the lift is automatically synchronized.  Mechanical and wearing components, such as cables and pulleys are no longer required eliminating the risk of mechanical failures and improving the overall safety of the lift.

A HyperFlow® lift is flexible in width and heightThe HyperFlow® technology makes the lift easier and quicker to install as the traditional heavy crossbeam used to maintain the columns straight for the synchronizing ropes are now redundant and have been replaced by only a light traverse. Focusing on a perfect quality, the lifts are load tested before delivery and are packed pre-assembled.

Moreover, the lift is flexible in width and height (HL NT version) and can be adjusted to the workshop conditions and activity.

The new generation of HyperFlow® lifts are the perfect solution to increase the productivity and efficiency of the workshops while reducing costs of ownership.

See our HyperFlow® lifts here: nussbaum-group/power-lift-hl

A further introduction of the HyperFlow®-Technology can be found here: nussbaum-group/HyperFlow

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