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The 34 seconds challenge

Is it possible to explain the technology behind our hydraulic 2-post lifts in only 34 seconds?

We challenged our colleagues to introduce our hydraulic lifts POWER LIFT HL NT. The only catch: They only had as much time as our two-post lift POWER LIFT HL 2.30 NT needed to go all the way up and back down again: 34 seconds.
To explain all the advantages of this hydraulic lift, including our new HyperFlow®-Technology, in such a short amount of time seemed almost impossible. But our colleagues rose up to the challenge. See for yourself.
Everything you need to know about the product range POWER LIFT HL NT: nussbaum-group/power-lift-hl

A short introduction of our new HyperFlow®-Technology can be found here: nussbaum-group/HyperFlow

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